3-2: How to Insert Slicers, copy them to Dashboard and connect to charts

We go over how to insert a slicer, how to copy them to your dashboard and how to connect them to charts and graphs.

  1. Insert slicers : To do this, you put your cursor on the data and then go up to Insert in the top menu and then over to Slicers. It will give you a list of column headings and you put a check next to the ones you want to create slicer buttons for.
  2. Copy to Dashboard - Left click on the header part of the slicer so it becomes highlighted and then right click on it and go to Copy or press Ctrl C . then go to your Dashboard sheet and press Ctrl V or right click and go to Paste
  3. Connect to charts - Right click on the slicer and go to Report Connections. Then put a check in each box next to the charts that you want the Slicers to affect. That is why it is a good idea to name your Pivot tables and charts.

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