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This course sells real well when you pre sell it. If you just put up a link or banner to it, the conversions will not be nearly as great as when you talk the course up a bit. We get our best sales through our email follow ups.

Our affiliates have made $0.76 EPC this past year. That means for every visitor they sent us, they made $0.76. They have reported best sales when they send a personalized message to their email list.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please email me at [email protected] and let me know about your business and how you plan on promoting it.




The best way to promote this video course is through emails to your email list. You should read through our sales page at http://www.SpreadsheetSchoolDFS.com and take anything out of there you need for your emails. You can include the modules of information you will learn, the testimonials I have collected and anything else from the page you feel is helpful to promote it.

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If you have any specifics on how to promote it or if there's any type of content you'd like, let me know.

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