Single Game DFS Spreadsheet Optimizers & Course

Learn how to master the single game slate for DFS for better chances at winning!

Playing the Single Game slate on Fanduel or the Showdown on Draftkings is a HUGE value opportunity because very few players have mastered the skills needed to win, it’s also a great way to avoid a lot of DFS research and still play in the same types of contests!

Those single game slates come with their own style of play and there are tips and tricks specifically for them. You manage fewer players but you do still need to know how to maximize your entries in order to profit on a regular basis.

Our product is a combination of Spreadsheet lineup building tools that run an optimization for each slate thousands of times in MS Excel, research reports on past contests and video tips to help you build better lineups for the single game slate and hopefully profit more often!

Read below to see exactly what you get...

What Comes with this Product:

1. Eight (8) Spreadsheet Lineup Optimizers (MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL for Draftkings & Fanduel)

You will get 8 separate spreadsheet lineup optimizers. Two for each major sport.

These optimizers have LIFETIME ACCESS to the tool along with unlimited lifetime updates.

To run them, you add in the salary export from Draftkings or Fanduel, add in your projections and run the lineups.

It will spit out up to 4000 lineups. You can use the top lineups the tool picks for you or filter through the stats and lineups to choose your favorite ones.

This product does not come with projections or salary uploads. You will need to copy in the salary exports and use whatever projections you use. We do have videos explaining completely how to use this.

If you would like projections, we offer a service below.

2. Research Reports for each sport showing what makes up optimal lineups and what people are playing

I analyzed the 100 contest's optimal lineups for each sport to come up with different factors your lineup should include to try to imitate the optimal lineups.

I also analyzed many completed tournaments to see how people choose players. This can be almost as good as knowing ownership. Learning how people think in constructing lineups will can help you make lineups to become unique and win more

3. Videos - Going over top tips, the research reports, best ways to set up your lineups from looking at prior contests and more

I created many videos to review the research reports and also to show the top tips and ways to make lineups. Check out the course curriculum below for a full listing of all the videos...

I created videos which:

  • Go over the basics of the single game slate
  • Go over each research report to help make them more clear
  • Show you how to build a lineup optimizer spreadsheet tool similar to these.
  • Show you how to do your own research from past contests to find how people pick lineups.

4. Top Priority Email Support from myself on questions you may get while going through this product.

If you run into questions as you use the optimizer tools or reviewing the research reports, you can email me your questions and I will get back to you quickly.

What will you learn in this course/product?

  • How much salary you should be using
  • Should you stack teams
  • What positions to target in your lineups
  • How much salary to spend on your captain and other players
  • How to optimally mix SP and hitters for DraftKings
  • What batting order positions to target in your lineups
  • how people think when they build lineups
  • How to build your own lineup optimizer for single game slate
  • How to research past contests

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will your course help me with single game contests?
This course will teach you the best ways to build lineups to increase the chances of winning. You will get lifetime access to spreadsheet lineup optimizer which will build up to 4000 lineups with your projections you use. You can use both of these to help build smarter lineups. We have researched many past contests and we show you how the best lineups were built.
Do I need to be an expert in Excel to use this?
No you do not. The spreadsheet tools are complete and really more of a tool than a spreadsheet that you need to edit.
Can I ask questions if something is confusing?
Yes, of course you can! I will do my best to answer all questions about the course material as fast as I can.
How long do I have access to the optimizers and course?
You get LIFETIME access to the spreadsheet tools and the research reports and videos
What if I am unhappy with the product?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Do the spreadsheet optimizers update salaries or projections?
No they do not. That is how we offer lifetime access at such a low price. You just pick the game you want to play on Draftkings or Fanduel. Download the salaries and copy onto the spreadsheet. Then copy in whatever projections you use. They can be free ones from Rotogrinders or Numberfire or paid ones from your subscriptions or simply your own projections. If you want projections, we offer a projection service with
Am I guaranteed to win money? Is it easy?
No and No. Winning money is very difficult. This optimizer and video course was made to speed up the time it takes you to make lineups and to help you find opportunities to take advantage of when building lineups. But even when you get an advantage or better odds, you won't always win. You need to play smart, do your research and be consistent. Even when you do all that and use our projections which have helped win many contests, you still may not win. That is why it is called gambling. we hope to make you a better player, but every person is different.

Thank you for reading my sales page and your interest in my video course. If you have any questions on it, please email me at [email protected] and ill get right back to you.

I feel this is a good course teaching you something that can save you time daily with your research. The optimizer tools will speed up your lineup building process. And maybe even help you build better lineups. I tried to keep the price very affordable too. Thanks for checking it out and I hope to work with you in the future!

I was already somewhat proficient with excel as i had taken it back in school but Joe's videos took me to a whole new level and really made me fall in love with spreadsheets and ive been building and tweaking them for a couple of years. Ive been building for pga, nfl, nba and mlb for the most part but really only update the one for mlb and pga on a regular basis. Ive gone from manually cutting and pasting data to making most everything automated (i have to update the FD and DK dats manually daily but the stats auto download which saves me hours daily). At any rate, thank you joe!! - Robby H

Good morning. I appreciate all the information you provide. I have actually profited off what I have learned from you. I really appreciate your teaching. -Demarie N.

Your Instructor

Joe Z
Joe Z

I have used Excel spreadsheets for almost 20 years to analyze data and have incorporated that into the world of Daily Fantasy sports. I have created spreadsheet tools for the last 5 years that over 4000 people have used . I also have a Youtube channel where I post some helpful videos and it has over 300,000 views.

This is my 3rd video course I have create around Excel spreadsheets. The first was a course called Master Excel Functions to teach people how to use Excel Formulas and functions. The second was a video course which teaches people like you how to do better research for daily fantasy much faster.

I am married and have two kids where I spend most of my time. But I love helping people learn Excel and I hope you give me the chance to teach you!

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